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Frequently asked questions

Below are answers for the most frequent questions we receive:

Licensing - Is doPDF free for business/governmental use also?

Yes it’s free for both personal and commercial use. Has no watermarks, ads, or other annoying limitations. When installing it you can read the EULA where it clearly states the free policy, or you can download it here: doPDF EULA

Downloading - How can I download doPDF?

You can download the latest version of doPDF (or even Previous Versions) by clicking on the Downloads menu item and then selecting the appropriate option.

Downloading - Is there a user manual for doPDF?

Yes, you can download it here: doPDF User Manual (PDF file)

Installing - Which operating systems does doPDF run on?

doPDF currently runs on the following operating systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista (32/64-bits); Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008R2.

Installing - Does doPDF run on Linux or Mac?

No, doPDF is not compatible with Macintosh and Linux systems.

Installing - How do I find out what version I have installed?

To see what version of doPDF you are using, open doPDF Getting Started and go to the About tab. You'll see the version details right under the logo (i.e. Version 11.0 Build 125 - Driver version 11.0.125).

Installing - Can I install it silently?

Yes, the setup for doPDF supports a list of command line parameters that let you among others to silent install it. You can read this post for a list of all the accepted command line parameters: Silent install parameters for doPDF

Usage - Can I set up doPDF as a shared network printer or use it via Terminal Servers?

No, doPDF doesn't allow printing in a network environment. This includes any attempt to control your computer remotely, including Terminal Services connections, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections. If you're looking for PDF printer that allows the above mentioned printing methods, you can take a look at novaPDF.

Usage - Why are semitransparent watermarks printed incorrectly?

doPDF does not properly handle semitransparent text watermarks when printing MS Word documents. Until we find a solution and fix this, a workaround is to uncheck the Semitransparent checkbox from Format->Background->Printed Watermark menu and to choose instead a lighter custom color for the watermark.

Usage - How to keep the PDF file size down?

On the Save PDF file window under PDF options you can select the "Smallest file" option to create a PDF with reduced size (image quality is affected). Also, doPDF allows font embedding so if you have the option Embed all used fonts checked, the size of the resulting PDF file will be considerably larger. You can reduce the size by unchecking that option before re-creating the PDF.

Usage - Why does doPDF print multiple PDFs from a single Excel sheet?

Actually this is an issue with the way Excel sends the pages for printing. Read this article for a solution: Printing an entire Excel workbook to a single PDF file

Usage - PDFs open with Adobe Acrobat instead of Adobe Reader. Why?

This might be because you've installed Adobe Acrobat after installing Reader, and the PDF file association modified.