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Convert HTML to PDF online

Convert HTML/XHTML to PDF online

Easily convert your HTML files to PDFs without the need for any installations. Our online PDF converter supports the conversion of HTML and XHTML files, allowing you to transform these file types seamlessly. By converting HTML files to PDFs, you can effortlessly share them with others who may not have a specific viewer or browser requirement, ensuring convenient accessibility for all recipients.

How to Convert HTML/XHTML to PDF online

It's as simple as 1-2-3 to convert HTML/XHTML documents to PDF with our online PDF converter. Batch conversion is also available.
  • 1
    Press on Choose Files or drag-and-drop the HTML/XHTML files you want to convert to PDF.
  • 2
    Click on Convert to PDF and our online PDF converter will convert your HTML/XHTML file to PDF in seconds.
  • 3
    After the HTML to PDF conversion is done, click on the Download PDF button to save the PDF on your computer.

Main Features

Here are key features of our online HTML/XHTML to PDF converter that facilitate seamless PDF creation for your convenience.

Batch HTML to PDF Conversion

Efficiently convert numerous HTML or XHTML files simultaneously, minimizing both time and effort. Simply upload all your HTML or XHTML files at once and convert them to PDF format in bulk, maximizing convenience and productivity.

Access from anywhere

No matter the device or platform you're using, as long as you have an Internet connection you can access this online converter. This allows you to conveniently convert HTML to PDF on-the-go, from any location, ensuring flexibility and convenience in your document conversions.

Truly free to use

Our online HTML/XHTML to PDF converter is genuinely free. No registration is necessary, and no payment is required. Simply upload your HTML/XHTML files and effortlessly convert them. It's as simple as that.

Document security

All file transfers are done via SSL. Once the HTML/XHTML files are converted to PDFs, your original files are automatically removed from our servers.

Fast & easy to use

With our user-friendly process, you can easily upload your HTML/XHTML file and click a button to initiate the conversion to PDF. It couldn't be simpler than that. Plus, there's no requirement for registration or any payment fees involved.

Quality PDF Output

Our first PDF creator (novaPDF) was developed an launched in 2005, so we have a lot of experience in the PDF field. Just try out a conversion to see the result.

Our free online PDF tools

We develop several online PDF tools, from conversion of documents to PDF manipulation. All our online PDF tools are free to use!

Conversion FAQs

How does the online HTML/XHTML to PDF conversion work?

Are there any limitations for the conversion?

Will the converted PDF maintain the same formatting as the original HTML/XHTML file?

Can the converted PDF be customized or modified after the conversion process?

Rate our HTML/XHTML to PDF converter

If you find our online HTML/XHTML to PDF converter helpful, we would greatly appreciate your rating and feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions on additional features you would like to see. Your input is valuable to us!